On Becoming Addicted to Data


I now get the data thing. I have become one of THEM when it comes to data. THEY live and die by data, relevant or not. THEY close schools according to data. THEY evaluate teachers according to data. THEY tell students they are failing according to data.  THEY mask academic achievement with growth data.  THEY have co-opted public education according to data.

Of late I, too, have become obsessed with data. You can actually now describe me as a DATA – – – – – (Maven, Queen are two that easily come to mind. There are others, one in particular that is not quite so flattering!)

I now understand how one can become so data-centric and how addicting data can be. When I send out a new blog, I spend untold hours checking on how many visits I have had to my blog site – www.kaplanforkids.wordpress.com – in case you don’t have it. I check my Mail Chimp account to see how many emails have been opened, how many “clicks” (referrals to links cited) my post has generated.

So far my blogs have generated several thousand visits. Please keep reading and forwarding my posts so I can catch up to my mentor and friend, Dr. Diane Ravitch. Last I heard she had over 13 million visits.

Next week I will return to writing about really important data. TCAPs will be released August 14 at noon MDT. You can rest assured THEY will be checking out that data, making sure the spin is whirling. Meanwhile, I will continue to check out my data. I hope to reach my goal in a few months. I can’t tell you what that is because if I don’t reach it, I will be deemed a failure. I don’t want that to happen. According to how THEY use data, I would have to stop writing.


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